Eduard de Negri is a guitarist and composer of new music and contemporary jazz in the mediterranean music scene. His musical beginnings are tied to the “So Laietà” (a rock and folk movement in Catalonia during the early 70’s), with the band “Carretera i Manta” (Road and Blanket).

Between the 80’s and 90’s he performed various tours and concerts throughout Spain, sharing the stage with some of the biggest bands of all time: Jethro Tull, Supertramp, Leonard Cohen, Joe Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Robert Plant, Gary Moore and B-40. During this period he also worked as an accompanying guitarist for the catalan singer-songwriter, Maria Cinta. At the same time, with his band, the “Eduard de Negri Group” he started to make a name for himself in the Spanish music scene, participating in “La Bienal de la Europa Mediterranea”, and in TV shows like “Jazz Entre Amigos”(Jazz Among Friends), “A media voz” o “Música Vista”.

In the 90’s he formed the “Eduard de Negri Trio” with Jordi Ruiz on bass, Ernest Martinez on percussion and Eduard de Negri on acoustic and classical guitar. They played in various festivals like the “Festival Internacional de Jazz de Sevilla” or the “Festival Internacional de Guitarra de Córdoba”. They have played more than 100 concerts since.


He later formed a duo with the guitarist Tato Latorre “Fusió Acustica” with whom he played a series of concerts in 2000 in Catalonia, also opening for Jethro Tull in his Andalusian tour.

In the early 2000’s he formed another Trio with Massimiliano Liberatore on drums, tabla and percussion, and Climent Lanaspa on bass, while he also composed music for some advertising spots.

For more than 5 years, Eduard de Negri served as vice president of the “Catalan Association of Jazz and Modern Musicians”.

In 2004 he moved from the city of Barcelona to Masia Can Pascol (Catalan Rural House) in the village of Pontons, in the Alt Penedès wine region. Once he settled there, he continued to pursue his musical interests, and eventually started the project of building his own professional recording studio, Natural Sound. He also created his own record label, a project he had always dreamed of, to record and produce both his own music and other people’s projects.

Natural Sound is where Eduard de Negri has recorded his latest album, “Esperit del Vent” (spirit of the wind) with Dick Team on bass, Eloi Lopez on drums, Horacio Fumero on double bass, and Frank Paredes, recording engineer of Natural Sound.


  • A última hora, Picap.
  • Temps al temps, Picap.
  • Esperit del vent, Eduard de Negri Producctions.